County Citizens Defending Freedom (CCDF)

  • By supporting the CCDF you are supporting a system designed to help our citizens stay informed about issues involving our county as it relates to our core values. CCDF pools resources of our citizens  to hire staff to be on constant watch  for breeches of our core values.

  • Our staff monitors activities of all elected officials , all City Councils, School Boards, Judges, law enforcement leaders and County Commissions . When issues arise that conflict with our core values our staff will inform our citizens and if necessary rally us to write, call or show up at meetings to voice our opinions.

  • During election cycles the CCDF staff will vet out any candidate who will appear on any ballot in any precinct in Polk County, Florida.

  • The CCDF has aligned itself with one of the most powerful legal entities in the United States, Alliance Defending Freedom. Our staff will remain in constant contact with this legal team in order to be prepared should legal  action be required to defend our citizens, pastors, students  or business owners.

  • By joining the CCDF, You will be participating in keeping our county free and helping secure our freedoms for the next generation of Polk County citizens.

  • We encourage you to join us as we set out to change our nation by defending our values right here at home.
  • For more information please send us a message Information LLLA

Mailing Address:

PO Box 156
Mulberry, FL 33860

CCDF is associated with multiple legal firms committed to protecting our freedoms!

CCDF is a Proud Supporter of TPUSA!